• Yay! This Is Absolutely the Best 10th Birthday Ever!

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    Yay! This Is Absolutely the Best 10th Birthday Ever!
    Halftee was created because “I was personally tired of wearing two shirts to wear the one I really wanted to wear. I needed an alternative to the bulky and hot layering shirts, something that covered what I needed to cover...
  • Are you that teacher, nurse, cheerleader, or nursing mother?

    In all of our travels with Halftee we always find the 'minority' niches in the Halftee world. The nurses, the dental hygienists, the cheerleaders /coaches, the preggos, the nursing mothers, and the teachers. I am sure there are many more niches but today I want to share a story that happened in my son's 2nd grade class.  Teachers all across the country rave about what a wonderful...
  • 2015 Modest Clothing For Women, Make Your Modesty Resolution

    Ah---- to the world of New Year's Resolutions for Modesty! I love this time of year(minus that it is cold). December 31-we say goodbye to the past and now, January 1- we are totally focused on what the future can bring when we set our minds to New Year's Resolutions and simply becoming better. I am a big fan of Vision Boards. I make...
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