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Styling with the 3/4 Sleeve HALFTEE

Sep 26 2018 0 Comments Tags: 3/4 sleev, 3/4 sleeve, blog, halftee, layering

Styling with the 3/4 Sleeve HALFTEE

The 3/4 Halftee is the perfect accessory to combine with many of the more daring styles and designs available in the department stores. It is great for combining with V-necks and very low cut blouses and dresses. Utilizing colorful layering helps to make ensembles more interesting and appealing.
As a layering shirt, the 3/4 Half Tee is specifically designed to provide the most flattering lines for a myriad of layered ensembles. There are endless fashionable layering possibilities which can aid in making outfits more suitable for an occasion or mood, to create additional variety in the wardrobe, and to wear more weather/temperature appropriate outfits.
Check out how Noelle styles the 3/4 Sleeve 4 ways in the video below. 


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