Alright, my HalfTee family . . . I just HAVE to show you these three cute looks that are super easy to create with our ¾ HalfTee. You’ll be amazed at how easily you too can create these outfits, or perhaps they’ll inspire you to create a similar look from your own closet!

No matter what, dress in a way that makes you feel like the amazing woman you are. Feel confident, strong, and classy in the clothing you choose to wear. We’re so happy that HalfTees allow you to do that with any style of clothing by adding coverage and color in a comfortable way!

Be sure to post any outfits you wear on Instagram and tag us @halftee so we can see your cute creation!

  • Trendy Casual

    This is a look that just works for those days where you want to look cute, but you want a very casual look. Think ball games, errand day, cleaning day, or just sit and veg with friends day (don’t we wish we had more of those days?!).

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  • Date Night Classy

    Sha-bang, check out how quickly you can turn a loose-flowing dress into a sexy date night outfit with a pop of modest coverage and color! Add the belt at the smallest part of your waist to taper your lines and create a long, lean look that helps you walk confident and tall!

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  • Modern Chic Woman

    The layers with different lengths and varying colors just make this outfit work! This is a look for being on the go, whether shopping or going out for lunch to a casual day at the office or taking kids to and from various activities.

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