• 8 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Be the Best Mother of the Bride

    8 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Be the Best Mother of the Bride
    The moment has finally arrived, and you are overcome with a mixture of different emotions. Your baby girl that started flirting with boys too early in life, and who you were terrified would bring home the wrong boy, has finally found the right one
  • SlipTees and Crew Necks

    SlipTees and Crew Necks
    We’re the half shirt solution to women's layering problems. We take women’s undershirts to the next level. Layering tees have never been better thanks to us. We’re bragging. We know. But we also know for a FACT that our products WORK. They make lives easier and solve problems for every woman and every body. Our undershirts for women are designed by women and marketed...
  • Chocolate Chip Day!

    Chocolate Chip Day!
    Did you know May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day? We found out about two weeks ago and were so stoked! What more perfect excuse is there to celebrate chocolate? None. Except MAYBE Valentine's Day. But that's more about love. National Chocolate Chip Day is arguably better. And we'll tell you why: because all you need to celebrate this day is literally a bag...
  • Mothers

    Ok. Confession. I started this blog post a couple days ago. And it sat in my docs folder, with the title “Mothers” for two days. Because I didn’t even know where to start. And honestly, I still don’t. How am I supposed to write a blog post that will do justice and honor to mothers? Let alone a SHORT blog post. But I’m here...
  • #howihalftee

    We’re starting a new thing, gals. The #howihalftee campaign. Every so often, we hear some of our customers RAVING about how much they love our half shirts. But every so often isn’t enough. Not for us. We want to hear and SEE it from YOU on the DAILY. The #howihalftee campaign is designed to highlight how our customers (you) wear their (your) Halftees. Show...
  • Returning to our Halftee Roots

    Returning to our Halftee Roots
    It all started with a simple idea and (eventually) a kiosk. Almost 10 years ago, Amanda Barker had an idea. It was a simple idea, but one that would take her on a crazy journey. She was talking with a friend about how women’s layer fashion needed to change. Wearing two or sometimes three multiple shirts under one shirt to achieve modesty or a...
  • Easter

    Easter traditions are fun. The bright, springtime colors, decorating eggs, eating yummy food. Easter egg hunts. Waiting for the Easter Bunny to come drop off gifts. All sorts of happy things. But to be honest, Easter was a holiday I only enjoyed because it meant I was going to wake up to a basket full of treats. That’s it. Pure and simple. Then, when...
  • Learn how to style your Halftee layering tees for Girlees spring and Easter fashions!

    Learn how to style your Halftee layering tees for Girlees spring and Easter fashions!
    Hey ladies! Long time, no blog post lol. That’s our bad. We’ve had a few crazy months here at Halftee. But we’re ready to get back on the horse as it were and start our blog up again and keep talking with you about our AMAZING layering tees. And what’s a more fitting topic of discussion for our returning post than the weather? Nothing,...
  • Halloween and Halftee Ideas

    Halloween and Halftee Ideas
    Halftee and Halloween Costumes! Need a costume idea for this year? We have a few ideas! Halftees are the perfect addition to keep you comfortable and sometimes even warm this Halloween. 🎃👻
  • Styling with the Halftee Tank

    Styling with the Halftee Tank
    Styling with the Halftee Tank Style Tips from our own Noelle Nieporte on how to wear our Halftee Tanks. The Tank is perfect for those times when you need a little coverage in the bust to complete your look without the unnecessary bulk of a full length camisole or tank.  It's so comfortable you will forget it's even there! Our signature "non-slip" band, and a...
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