What Happens When You Shop for Plus Size Clothes

I was walking through the rows and rows of clothes for sale, lightly touching each sweater. Each was extremely soft with a silky-smooth texture. One in bright attractive colors caught my eye, so I asked the lady running the store what sizes they carry.

“Extra-small to extra-large.”

My heart sank as I realized that nothing in this store was going to fit me. So, I instead watched my friends try on the cute clothes while I just sat there telling them how pretty they looked. Behind my fake smile, I was super uncomfortable. I felt like I didn’t even belong in this store.

Let’s be honest for a moment. It’s extremely difficult being a larger woman in a fatphobic world. I understand that every woman, regardless of size, has insecurities. But, being a curvy woman adds an extra layer of difficulty. It’s like how right-handed people don’t realize how much the world is catered to them because they don’t have to think about it. Whereas left-handed people must constantly deal with the inconvenience of having computers, cars, scissors, pencils, sports, etc., created for only right-handed people.

While we live in an unfair and unbalanced world, and the only way we can make a difference is by speaking up: Trying to find plus size clothing is a nightmare!

Few women enjoy clothes shopping to begin with, but it’s even harder when most stories don’t even carry your size. It’s crazy that the average woman is size 16-18, a size that is larger than most stores carry! It hurts to know that companies don’t want my money because of my size. I want to look cute and stylish just like any other woman!

When I do find my size, it is not attractive. Why do fashion people think that I don’t want to wear colors or anything that doesn’t look like a square potato sack? And, don’t get me started on pants shopping, because it’s impossible to find any jeans that fit right! Then, when I do find some, they are double the price and don’t last long before getting holes in the thighs.

So, I was excited when Halftee announced that they are extending their sizing to not just include extra small to 3x but also, 4x to 6x. Their extended sizes launched at the end of February in several styles and will continue to be introduced throughout the year with added styles and colors. It’s amazing to know that I am accepted at Halftee. They don’t care what size I am. They just want to help me find the perfect product for my wardrobe.

I love knowing that I can go shopping at Halftee with all my friends and we can each find something. It feels amazing supporting companies that serve women of all sizes, because we do all come in different shapes and sizes and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Being overweight and plus-size in a fatphobic world is tough, but don’t listen to what society is saying. No matter your size, you are an amazing woman who is loved and deserves to be seen and heard. You truly make a difference in this world!

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