How to Style as a Sister Missionary


Come Covid and high waters, the mission papers are in. You (or your darling missionary) are anticipating the call. While serving is exciting, there’s a lot of unknowns. It’s a roller coaster of excitement and nerves.

I’ve been there! When I got my mission call, I felt like Rapunzel finally leaving the tower.  


Hopefully if you’re wondering what things you’ve missed on that packing list, I can ease some of your worries with some fantastic sister missionary wardrobe tricks I learned on my mission. Buckle up, here come four styles and tips you’ll love for your mission. 

The jumper

This was a classic everyday sister missionary outfit. Stylish and classy enough that even the most scrutinous Europeans will accept you, yet laid back enough that it fits any day to day missionary task. 

I paired this outfit with my favorite Swedish clogs. After breaking in clogs, they  basically mold to your feet, so they become so comfortable for all the walking that missionaries do. Comfortable, sturdy shoes are everything. Make sure you break ‘em in! 


I also paired it with one of my favorite Halftees: the Bell Sleeve. This Halftee is so darling with jumpers. I’m obsessed with pairing jumpers with Halftees because Halftees don’t bunch up underneath the dress like a full length undershirt would. 

The French tuck

Getting to wear slacks as a sister missionary is the best thing since sweet potato fries. Seriously. Just look at missionary me the night I found out Sisters would be allowed to wear slacks.

That’s pure joy right there. 

That said, slacks aren’t always the easiest to style with. Mission guidelines for slacks can make your choices limited, but there’s still ways to pull it off, I promise. My number one trick for styling with slacks is the french tuck (and yes, I learned about the french tuck from Tan France, so it’s legit).  All you do is tuck in the front part of your blouse into your pants. Just the front—let the rest hang loose. The french tuck bumps a good look up to an iconic level. I’d also always recommend having a belt for any outfit you’re going to wear with slacks. Belts look nice and will keep you comfortable, plus they really just add to the whole french tuck look. 



I loved these slacks.  I love pairing them with my favorite blouses like this one. Flowy and florarly. The thing is, it’s just too low cut for my own comfort, especially as a missionary.  While this blouse pairs beautifully with much of my mission wardrobe, I probably would’ve cast it aside for 18 months if it weren’t for this low-key basic black halftee. Honestly a lifesaver. 

The turtle neck, and its good twin the mock neck

Turtle necks are a beautiful rage in Scandinavia. In my humble opinion, they should be roaring everywhere. I paired this mock neck with a dress that I loved on my mission and my trusty oxfords.


This dress has a deep keyhole in the back that is a no-go for the sister missionary outfit, but the mock neck Halftee underneath solves the problem. I love layering turtlenecks, ascots, and dresses. So adorable. I also love pairing turtlenecks with blazers. This is a super fresh look I saw Swedes rock all the time. 

 The “Zone Conference” 

Missionaries do a lot of hard work every day. I found it somewhat tiring to wear nicer outfits like these on a normal day, but it was so refreshing to have something a little dressier in my closet for more important occasions like interviews with the mission president, zone conference, and sacrament meeting. 


This blouse is a sheer pale pink all the way through. I paired it with a full length undershirt. Halftee actually also makes the full-lengthers, and they are such nice, comfortable quality. I’d recommend this undershirt to anyone who is looking because of how comfortable and versatile it is. 

All in all, my point is that every missionary wardrobe has pieces that need a little saving grace. Having a few Halftees on hand is a huge relief.

My final two cents of advice are to remember that God has your back, and to learn to forgive yourself. Your mission will be great. You will experience things you’ve never done before. You will feel love deeper than you’ve ever felt before. You will learn. You’ll have fun. You’ll be fine. 

Hurrah for Israel, Sister. 

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