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Can I be honest? Halloween is not my favorite holiday; in fact; it could possibly be at the bottom of my list. The costumes give me major anxiety, and I don't put a lot of effort into them, so it isn't self inflicted. Then there is the candy issue--too much--EVERYWHERE! This issue has been somewhat resolved in my home though, I let the kiddos eat all the candy they want for three days. I don't care if they eat it for every meal but after three days it is ALL mine!! The deal? A  trip to Walmart to purchase a new movie! t has worked out great, as long as I can weather the storms of those three days very loooooooong days!
This week I did have my first good experience of the year with Halloween. We were getting ready to do a little Halloween photo shoot at HALFTEE, to show all of you wonderful women how to use a Halftee with your Halloween costumes. I have used them for my costumes but  especially for my little girls. It is so hard to find a costume that does not need something under it, whether it is for school dress codes  or for chilly weather. Is it just me, or does it seem that the most popular costumes seem to be made for hot summer days and not many are made for cool fall nights or appropriate school attire. I had already bought a cute ladybug costume for the little girl photo shoot , but when I opened the package there were no antennas. You cannot be a lady bug without cute antennas, right? Our office is right across from Kid to Kid (a children's used clothing store), I decided to quickly run across the street to seek out some antennas. To my surprise they had a TON of super cute costumes. A lot of them in great shape and for a very affordable price. I ended up buying a whole new lady bug costume for $7.99 because it was twice as cute as the one I was holding in my hands and this one came with some antennas. For the first time in my time as a mother, I seriously considered taking my kids there to pick out their costumes. I could do 8 bucks for a costume and they had enough little kid costumes and big kid costumes alike. I was very impressed! 
The  ladybug costume is a  little red and black polka dotted tank, tulle tutu (say that five times fast) dress  that is quite darling and made very nicely, but it does need something to make it appropriate for school and to keep the little girl warm with the coolness of the fall Halloween night----you guessed it! A Girlee Halftee! Any of the styles of the Girlee Halftee would work perfectly, just consider your climate factor. So remember the Halftee when you are putting together all those Halloween costumes. They are a perfect solution for girls of all ages (even the grown up ones!!). Come see our options www.halftee.com.
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