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When I started Halftee I thought that Halftees were perfect for the summer months, which they are, but as I grow in Halftee wisdom, I have come to realize, they serve just as good a purpose as an awesome Winter layering top as well. In fact I LOVE them in the winter. I get so hot so easily. My mother-in-law is always asking me, "where is your coat?" Most of the time it is hanging  in my closet and I have had no intention of pulling it out. I am rarely cold enough to lug a winter coat around. 

Fashionably Layering I have learned from my dear friend/business partner, Noelle, comes in 3 layers, to achieve the perfect layered look. Winter layering shirts are a dime a dozen but a Halftee adds a whole new element to winter fashions. One of our favorite halftees in the winter time are our turtlenecks. They come in white, black, cream, and brown. I have never been a real fan of turtlenecks, they make me incredibly claustrophobic. I just could never do a sweater and then a turtlenck, or any shirt with a turtleneck, I seriously might overheat and die. But a halftee turtleneck and then another shirt, I can do, with no worries. I am able to have the sophisticated look that a turtleneck brings to an outfit without all the extra heat. 
Another look I like in the winter is wearing my long sleeve halftee. My favorite way to wear it is under my short sleeve t-shirts. Add my running shoes and I am set for a fabulous day. 
Many women love Halftees for summer and believe me I am one of those women, but if you really think about your closet and the winter months, they certainly play a wonderful part in getting ready for those cold snowy days. Check out our many winter layering top options, you will be so excited you did!! Come see our options www.halftee.com.


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