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Alright..confession------ so I admit to all of you that Valentine's day is not my favorite holiday. I am not a big fan of these little holidays that I honestly think were thought up by the retail world so that we would be forced to go to the store and buy more, more, more etc. (ironic that I feed my family with this world ;)) On Wednesday's I am home with the kiddos ---so the Wednesday before Valentine's we all headed out to do a little shopping (me and 4 of 8 little people).  I started off with a great attitude, but by the third store and 75 bucks later, my good attitude was dwindling, to smoldering unfriendly thoughts towards the red hearts, cards, and class room parties. If we could only keep these days simple and inexpensive, I think I could wrap my arms around them a little tighter and with a little more affection.

With all that said I do have a little "love" in my heart. That love comes from doing the girls' hair on this special day. For those of you who know me, you know that I love to do hair. When I grow up I want to go to cosmetology  school. I love everything about hair, I feel like your hair is the one place you can add a little sass and express the little rebel that lies within, aching to let loose. A woman's hair should make her feel happy and beautiful. Your hair never gets fat or doesn't "fit anymore." If you take a little time with it, it can take you to a happy place. I love going to get my hair cut or colored. I love growing it out of the pixie and then chopping it all off again to change it up. One time in church, the kids were playing a game in Sunday school. Behind a bulletin board stood several different people, the kids asked questions to figure out who they were. Tyler, my hubby, was one of the participants behind the bulletin board, one of the children asked, "what color  hair does your wife have?" Tyler kinda of chuckled and said, "honestly I am not sure, she changes it way too often." Because of this comment they guessed exactly who he was. HAHA!#littlethingswe'reknownfor

So here's to 2015 Valentine's Day. I love doing the hair part, but could do without the rest. Here's a couple pics of the two little girls and their Valentine's hairdos. Do not worry about the toilet in the back ground, can't have everything. ;)

   Sweet little sisters. 

This one I out did myself, this little one only has about ten hairs on her head. She was dead set on having a heart like her sister though. So Netflix and I concurred the lack of hair and got a super cute heart. 



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    I was admiring their cute heart hairstyles on Sunday. Funny how entirely different our feelings about hair are.

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