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Are you that teacher, nurse, cheerleader, or nursing mother?

In all of our travels with Halftee we always find the 'minority' niches in the Halftee world. The nurses, the dental hygienists, the cheerleaders /coaches, the preggos, the nursing mothers, and the teachers. I am sure there are many more niches but today I want to share a story that happened in my son's 2nd grade class.  Teachers all across the country rave about what a wonderful "life saver" a Hafltee is in their wardrobe. In any area of work where you spend a lot of time bending over, the problem of covering up or hanging out is something that needs to be attended to. Unfortunately women aren't always aware or willing to fix the problem, or haven't found their solution yet. I would like to scream out in all the Dr's offices and hospitals, dental offices, and schools and let all those hard working women out there know.... "there is a solution for your everyday problems, on the job."
Some time ago my son and I were working in the kitchen together. This particular son is my cut and dry, black and white type personality. Very frank in his observations and most of the time very wise with his perceptions and solutions. He was putting the dishes away, as I was putting more dirty ones in the dish washer. He stopped and said, "Mom, my teacher sure needed a Halftee today!" I kinda chuckled because what 8 year old sees a need and then tries to solve it, especially the fashion needs of his teacher. But this is the child that I came home from a church meeting one day and he had chopped all of his Hanes under t-shirts in half. When I asked why in the world he would do that, he said, "Hey they are MY Halftees." I got a good laugh, but onto the other story. So I simply asked, "why is that?" Call responded, "well every time she came over to help me with my homework she leaned over, and....... Well let's just leave it at that, she needed a Halftee!" I was laughing so hard. I responded back, "Dang tootin' son, she absolutely needs a Halftee!!" All I could think of was this sweet teacher just doing her job but completely oblivious to the fact that her poor 2nd grader was having a hard time knowing just where to look. 
Funny story huh?! So I ask what kind of teacher are you? Confident in your Halftee ---knowing no matter the task Halftee has got you covered? If you are that teacher, spread the Halftee love! All of your fellow specatacular teachers need a Halftee as much as you do! Do your job cleavage free, haha! Get dressed each morning with a Halftee!!
Amanda Campbell (Tami our office manager's daughter) drew this funny pic for me......
Funny Comic stripe...Not about cleavage but same idea, HAHA!
Be Confident! Be Beautiful! Be YOU!

What is my least favorite immodest look?

Sorry for slacking on my posts the past two weeks. The Barkers loaded up the 12 seater passenger van and headed out for California for Spring Break. We spent a few days in Vegas, swimming and walking the stripe (in the day time:)) and then did some shopping. Then we headed down to The Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido, CA. Where we swam, did the beach and swam some more. Throughout the week, I defiantly realized my least favorite "immodest look." These things were on shelves in every store and were sported by women and girls of all ages. I know that they have been around since the Dukes of Hazzard, but I was too young then, and I obviously didn't have a teenage daughter. Charlee (my 13-year-old daughter) and I are constantly going the rounds on modesty. I am continually trying to help her understand that 2 inches in length does make a difference and can take an article of clothing out of the modest column and put it into the immodest column. It will be a constant topic of conversation between me the mom and her naive teenager :)

But "this" look we stand together on.....drum roll, please..........Daisy Duke shorts!! The length that goes barely below the bootie, the ones that when sitting on the shelf look like they could be denim underwear, the ones that when on a body the pockets are hanging out the bottom of the cut off legs. See pic below.....

So here they are in their glory! Sooooo not my favorite, but every where. 

I love Spring Break! I love spending time with my kiddos! I love the beach! I love swimming with the littles and watching them float on their back! I love having no schedule! I love getting a tan! I love the car ride (kinda)!  I love being with friends! I love no emails! I love the break from work and from home work! I love shopping even though everyone stares at us! I HATE Daisy Duke shorts! What do you love about spring break? What are your thoughts on Daisy Duke shorts? Here is super cool article on Top 10 apps for kids in the car on your way to Spring Break.... Happy Travels!


The calendar is about to flip to April and with that comes Spring Break, at least here in West Michigan. It’s been another brutally cold and long winter and I personally can’t wait to get to some warmth, relaxation, and time with my family away from the daily school routine. As families prepare to hit the road or just enjoy some time off here are ten great iPad apps and features for Spring Break 2015. 

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Easter and what it means to me


This past week was one of those weeks that caffeine should have been put into an I.V. and just pumped into my system every couple hours. I had 10 soccer games, 3 bantam basketball games, two birthdays, a couple graveyard shifts to make sure our QVCGermany had the info they needed for their order, a funeral of one of my most favorite women, church activities, and I am pretty sure I forgot something.  As I rushed around and prayed really hard that everyone was where they needed to be, I found myself in the chapel sitting at a funeral, preparing to sing one of my favorite songs, "Oh Lord, My Redeemer." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDjjxJDc0Xs If you have heard this song you know why it is one of my favorite songs, and if not, it is a story of a person that found his Savior as he watched his Savior Crucified. I have sung this song many times, and two weeks ago I sat at the bedside of my sweet friend and sang it to her, it happens to be one her favorites as well. This was the last time I saw my friend. In the early morning the following Sunday she passed away.

As I sat in the funeral listening to her children tell about her, everyone in the room was saying to themselves, I hope that I can be just like her! She had a light about her that touched all those around her. She loved to tell stories, send notes, read, music, she complimented you with complete sincerity, but most importantly she loved her Savior. Her ability to love people was because she loved her Savior and chose to try to live each day as He would have her live. Her sweet daughter said something that I loved, "As we all try to live more like my mom, the great thing is, we will be living more like our Savior." 

What a wonderful time spent, thinking of this sweet women and simultaneously thinking about my Savior, especially so close to Easter Weekend. I hope to stand with my friend, in knowing that He lives! He died and atoned for our sins so that we can be forgiven for our sins, he was resurrected from the grave and so will we, to return to live with Him and our Father in Heaven. Let us remember to celebrate with our families this great news and let us remember what Easter is all about. I am grateful to have known my sweet friend and as she did while she was alive, she did at her death and helped me remember what this life is all about. To become more like our Savior each day, and to love all those around us, to serve them and lift them up and to help them know more about their Savior because they know me!

Love this picture of the Resurrected Christ.

Nice article about Easter, not specific to my faith, but a nice Christian article......

What is Easter?

The Easter festival, the oldest and most important festival in the Christian calendar, culminates in the celebration that is Easter Sunday, which today is a time when most of us get together with our families, share a meal and - of course - eat lots of chocolate! Most people know that it was on this day that Jesus was said to come to life after being crucified, visiting his friends and followers once more, but aside from that our knowledge of Easter can be patchy. Even if you're not a Christian you may be interested to know a little bit more about the Easter story, and the timeline of events that are described in the Christian gospels. Whether you believe in God or not, the Easter story does provide an interesting historical insight into what life was like some 2000 years ago.

At Easter time Christians remember the last week of Jesus' life, or 'Holy Week'. It signals the end of Lent, the traditional time of fasting in the Christian calendar, and starts with:


Top way to make your girls Easter Dresses Modest.....


How do you make your girls Easter Dresses modest?

I have four little girls, Charlee 13, Codee 8 (almost), Cooper 4 and Clancy 2. Each of them with their style. With the first two little girls, I was a Nazi, on hair and clothes. Neither of them left the house without meticulous hair and outfits.  As the kidlet count has increased, I have become a little more lax in this area. In fact, Cooper the four-year-old dresses herself each day, and she certainly has a bit more say in what her hair looks like. I chalk it up to parental maturing :) But, one thing that has stayed the same with each of my girls is my opinion on girls and modesty.

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One of the Top Fashion Trends....Sheer Tops are They Worth the Extra Layer?

When I walk into a store and see sheer tops, I ask myself, "are they worth it?" To put on a full length layer makes me feel like a big cheater, completely going against all that I have stood for for the last 5+ years. I am sorry Mr. Halftee for my wondering eyes, but I really like that beautiful sheer top. The good news, Halftee makes a full length Layering shirt. It is made out of our AWESOME cotton/modal fabric and fits wonderfully, but I have to say, I do what ever it takes not to have to put them on and to keep Mr. Halftee, happy.

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Are Bra Straps Modest??

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Introducing.... Halftee VLOG!

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Fashion, Business, MOM!

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Valentines Day

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HALFTEE is going VOGUE!  A couple months ago we hired a business consultant to come into Halftee and help us, "find ourselves." In this process, he asked us to write down our vision of what Halftee looks like in 5 years. I try to read this everyday to help me remember what I want Half-tee to become. I want to share it with you all....It is a big dream, but I believe in dreams especially when they include making others super happy! I wrote it as if it were a magazine article about "the success" of Halftee and my vision includes which magazine....VOGUE. :)

Starting out in the basement of a stay at home mom of 5 children, Halftee Layering Fashions is now what women refer to as their go to staple piece in their closet. Halftee for the last ten years has been making its way into women's closets helping them wear the clothes they want to wear when they want to wear to them.

So many women walk into a store and see the many racks of clothes, which they "can't" or "won't" wear. That top is too low, this style is sleeveless, I am too old to wear that, too fat to wear that, I hate my arms so on and so on.....NO! NO! NO! to so many things. Say "NO" no more. Halftees has brought "YES" back into the women's shopping experience. Halftee has brought the solution every woman needs and wants and is doing it with practicality, class, and fashion forward style. Say "no" to the extra bulky layers and heat and say "Yes" to simplicity and comfort.

Halftee offers a large variety of styles, sleeve lengths, and colors. With variety and quality as their main objectives, Halftee is revolutionizing the way women layer, shop and ultimately the confidence of a woman in her clothes. When a woman feels comfortably confident in her appearance, it changes that women for the better! Thank you Halftee Layering Fashions for bringing confidence, comfort and versatility back into the world of fashion. Thank you for providing the solution to women's everyday struggle, "I don't have anything to wear," or " I hate my clothes."

What Hanes is to underwear, Halftee is to layering solutions. Unprecedented in quality and variety. Practical in every way. Thank you Halftee for bringing "yes" back into a women's shopping experience and confidence into getting dressed each morning.


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