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Summer and Spring undershirts for women

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Spring is in the air ( it sure has seemed like a looooong winter) and summer right around the counter. What are you wearing for your women's undershirts? Are you wearing the full length old school layering shirt. Did you know that those women's undershirts are soooo unnecessary and soooo uncomfortable! Right now I know you are pulling out your capris, maxi dresses, sleeveless shirts and just patiently awaiting for the weather on your phone to show a forecast that would justify wearing these spring/summer looks. But please put those full length women's undershirts in the back corner and come visit us at www.halftee.com
Shapewear most popular brand HALFTEE @halftee
I am so excited to introduce to all our lovely ladies our three new spring colors. For a couple years now you all have been begging for a yellow halftee. I am here to tell you it is here and it is perfect!! Along with the perfect yellow we have a yellow/stripe and a brilliant Raspberry. We have always carried our seasonal light pink, which so many halftee fans love. The Raspberry is the perfect shade to take help any outfit stand out and get those second glances. Raspberry will be a great addition and, along with the yellow, will continue to help expand your wardrobes into places those full length women's undershirts could never take you.
Noelle and I had a wonderful time last week putting together some killer outfits with our new spring/summer colors. At this time we are offering them in the basic style, the style that is the most versatile. My favorite outfit (pictured below) was the navy knee length maxi dress. I loved it because with such a basic solid color of dress, we could first pair it with the raspberry, a jean jacket (perfect spring weather feel) and then slipped the yellow stripe under it, with nothing but a cute bangle bracelet (right into summer). Who doesn't have some of these simple maxi dresses?  Putting a pop of color, only Halftee can do, with these super versatile dresses is the perfect way to take something good and turn it into  something great!! Check out our newest colors. You will love having them in your closet! Come see our HALFEES www.halftee.com.

Womens undershirts for layering with fashion

HALFTEE Layering Fashion's womens undershirts were a hit in Las Vegas at the WWDMagic show
Womens undershirts for layering with fashion @halftee
It is so fun watching people's faces light up when they find the number #1 women's undershirts on the market. Last week we--- myself, Noelle and our wonderful new National Sales Rep. Carol-- made our way to Las Vegas, to the WWDMagic fashion trade show. Aisles and aisles of brands, some familiar and some new, all trying to catch the eye of the boutique owners, retailers, bloggers,buyers-- anyone and everyone that could write up an order and put their brand into a few more hands. The concept of Halftee can sometimes be a hard sell--because it is a process, that requires helping those owners and buyers understand this new concept in women's undershirts. Education can be tricky.  A lot of hesitation from these sweet women and sometimes men but once they spent only a few minutes in our booth, their brains started whirling with ideas of all the many possibilities Halftee Layering Fashions would provide their customers.
One of my favorite finds was, Ricki, the wife of the GM at 5th SAKS Avenue. Here she was strolling the show looking for the next "cool" must have. She was sporting the greatest style----plaid skirt, silk blouse, wool jacket with tights and super chill flats. Killer outfit, killer style. As she sat and visited with us, it clicked and she continued to see the "light" of Halftee and the ability these silly women's undershirts have in broadening our closets and stretching our desire to be fashionable yet comfortable. We left each other friends and fans of Halftee, and maybe, she will put in a good word to the hubby. Who knows, SAKS???? 
All in all we had a great show! One of my favorite adventures is this show. I love taking our Halftees to women all over the world. Finding those little diamonds, that will be our new best friends in our Halftee world. Here's to WWDMagic and all of our new accounts.We love you already!! Come see our HALFEES www.halftee.com.

Half Sleeve Shirts and T-Shirts For Women

So I have been wondering why Ben (HALFTEE Online Marketing Specialist) has given me "half sleeve shirts" and/or "half sleeve t-shirts" to blog on.  I've been told that half sleeve shirts and half sleeve t- shirts are actually being searched a lot and bringing a lot of traffic to our website. On top of all that you women searching half sleeve shirts and half sleeve t-shirts are converting, which in a normal person's world means, you are buying Halftees.
Half Sleeve Shirts and T-Shirts For Women @halftee
I love it, just perplexed as to why those search words are the words of choice. Where did you hear these phrases to think "I am going to go on and search for those half sleeve shirt thingers or those half sleeve t shirt things." I keep racking my brain trying to paint a picture in my mind as to which Halftee would be a half sleeve shirt? So any ideas? I am thinking, it could be our boyfriend sleeve or maybe a peek- a- boo lace? Both of these styles are half sleeve types, yes? Both of which sell really really well. On our home shopping networks the peek- a- boo lace is one of our shoppers favorite. It has a very cute feminine sleeve on it. A bit more than the basic cap sleeve, but less than the boyfriend. It has a darling piece of lace that runs across the chest creating a square like neckline.  These Halftees are perfect for those occasions that require a more "dressed up" look or a more sophisticated look. My favorite way to wear this Halftee is under those summer maxi dresses. The perfect sleeve length with the perfect splash of lace, to make all women feel wonderful in their "on trend" maxi dress. Women out there searching for a half sleeve shirt or half sleeve t-shirt, look no further. You have found what you are  looking for even if you didn't know you were looking for it!! Come see our HALFEES www.halftee.com.
Be Confident! Be Beautiful! Be YOU!

Forever 21 has a crop top and half shirt, try HALFTEE Voted #1 for layering?

Hello New York City..... Forever 21 has a crop top and half shirts, midriffs, belly shirts?

Forever 21 has a crop top and half shirt, try HALFTEE Voted #1 for layering? @halftee

I have spent the last 48 hours in the great city of New York! I love it here. The reason for my travels to "the Big Apple" was to attend the annual Tex World show. This is a trade show that brings fabric importers from all over the world to one central location. For hours I walked and combed through racks of all kinds of fabrics--- Cotton/Spandex (woven), Nylon/Jersey, Rayon, a ton of Lace, and much more. It never ceases to amaze...... this incredible world of fabric manufacturing. Where in the world does it all come from?  The racks and racks and racks of clothes we see in every city, town and shop across the world? It takes a lot of sewing machines and seemingly endless amounts of fabric to keep clothes on our backs, that is for sure. Halftee Layering Fashions are sewn in Mexico. We buy our fabric from our supplier in the USA and export it to be cut and sewn. The world is filled with hundreds and thousands of sewing machines running from early morning to late afternoon, to keep our shopping malls hopping.

Speaking of shopping....there is nothing better, in my mind, than shopping in NEW YORK CITY!!! I especially love atmosphere and the random placement on these chaotic streets of some of my favorite places to shop---Forever 21 being one of them. As I browsed the racks and scanned the displays, I recognized a familiar type of shirt. Is that a Halftee?  Oh no, my friend that is a crop-top specifically coming back in fashion to wear as a stand- alone piece!!!!! First of all the thought of a bunch of girls and women running around in crop tops is not my favorite visual. But the thought of only having, this particular crop top, with no 2 inch signature band and cheap fabric was more than a bit disturbing! And yet there they were, in all of their glory, the Forever 21 crop top!! As hard as it is for me to say this.(ok ,fine it's not hard at all)  :) Halftee has the best "crop top" ever! With our perfected fabric, variety of sleeve lengths, and of course our 2 inch signature band, we have everything covered. (literally) Wear it alone if the "cropped top" fashion statement is what you are going for or continue to wear it as a fabulous layering piece--either way Halftee will have you covered in all the right places!

Wherever you are--- go to Halftee.com(right now...you can do it) We have the perfect crop top.. Fabric sourced specifically for us and sewn perfectly just so you can Be Confident, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

Crop Tops evolved to HALFTEE for Layering

Crop tops, Half Shirts, Midriff have been perfected at HALFTEE for your layering needs! Modest clothing for women, that's what we do!
Crop Tops evolved to HALFTEE for Layering @halftee
New Year's Resolutions. I really love this time of year. I love the excitement in the air of starting a New Year and sincerely wanting to make this year the best year ever! Is "best year ever," a phrase only excessively optimistic people use or can it be used by the opposite end of the spectrum, the Debby Downers? Let's be honest Debby Downers, don't even make resolutions (what's the point?) she will never improve any way or there will always be "someone" that will impede her from her desire to do better. We here at Halftee Layering Fashions want to say, cheers, to 2014 and the let this be the best year ever!
I say, "best year ever," is absolutely attainable, because even if you only do a smidgen better in 2014 than you did in 2013, then it is, "the best year ever." Isn't that somewhat inspiring to write down one little resolution? Here at Halftee Layering Fashions we are going to have the, "best year ever." We sincerely believe that every woman in the world needs a Halftee. We are partnering up with one of the biggest shopping networks in the country, HSN. This new adventure will absolutely bring us closer to bringing Halftee Layering Fashions  to women everywhere. Halftees are a solution--- a solution that gives women a sense of freedom, to be who they want to be and dress the way they want to dress! No more limitations due to minor differences in styles and necklines, women we are coming to find you and give you the one piece that will give you more "yes" experiences when you walk into the dressing room and try on that dress or top. "Yes, I can buy this because I have HALFTEE." We are going to help you bring back that fabulous top that was once a "one hit wonder" for your summer wardrobe and show you how to wear that top in all seasons. Join Halftee Layering Fashions in our, "best year ever," and let us show you that even the smallest details can make the biggest impacts. Come see our HALFEES www.halftee.com.

HALFTEE is the #1 popular layering shirt for women with plus sizes

HO! HO! HO! Give the #1 Popular Layering Shirt as a gift with sizes XS to XXXL plus sizes! Are you still in a stupor about what to give all the friends and family on your Christmas list? I am very serious about this, even though it sounds silly--- HALFTEE is the gift  that “keeps on giving” all year round!! Those lucky souls that get to unwrap a Halftee or better yet a HALFTEE gift card to our store, will be thanking sweet little o' you throughout the whole year!! Every woman needs one!

HALFTEE is the #1 popular layering shirt for women with plus sizes

We have two awesome features that can be used both in our store or online.....

1. Our Halftee gift cards come in $10.00 increments. So whatever your budget the gift card gives you options.

2. With our  no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee go ahead and buy what you "think" she might LOVE and if it doesn't fit or she would like a different color or style we will get it exchanged with ease and no stress. Our customer service if one of our greatest assets. Tami is the bomb when it comes to outfitting the newbie Halftee woman or the experienced Halftee woman. She will make sure your gift-ee is as merry as can be!

One of my favorite “teacher gifts to give is a Halftee Gift card. I love seeing them walk into the store and say, " I had no idea these things were YOU?"  So funny, that I seriously have become the "Halftee Lady".  I love going into the classroom and hearing how much they love their Halftee. These sweet women aren't sure what they have done this long without them. Teachers are constantly leaning over desks to help students and they need, so badly the little coverage of a Halftee in the neckline to save them from "those" moments that can put both teacher and student in an awkward situation. These amazing women running around the classroom, definitely need less not more, when it comes to layering.

So if you are still wondering what in the world to get all your loved ones, come visit Halftee.com or our factory store and boutique at 94 South State Street, Lindon, Utah 84042. You will be sharing one of your  favorite things and making your loved ones so happy they were on your list!

Full Length Layering Shirts For Women From HALFTEE

Can you believe that Halftee finally listened and brought to you a full length layering shirt? I will be honest, I still feel a little weird about it. Does it even make sense. Halftee Layering Fashions carries a full length Halftee? Just a little bit ironic. After many hours of deliberating we decided that the full length Halftee just "had" to make sense. Although a Halftee (less bulk, less tugging, less almost everything) is always preferable, sometimes we need the full length cami for those sheer tops, knitted tops (see pic below), crocheted tops with see-through places, under a cardigan, or just as a stand alone piece because sometimes half is just not enough! We get tons of compliments on our fabric and so we decided the time was now to bring you the fabric you love in a full length tee.

Full Length Layering Shirts For Women From HALFTEE

I have several tops in my closet that need to be worn with a full length cami but every time I wore a full length cami I felt like I was being disloyal to my Halftee and was supporting the "evil full length cami", hahaha (they aren't evil).  So now that I have the option of a full length Halftee, made with our fantastic fabric, with our awesome 2 inch signature band,  and stamped with the Halftee logo, life is now guilt free. 

Think about a full length basic cami paired with a great pair of skinny jeans, tall riding boots, belted at the waist? Great option....

Or today (see pic below)....I bought this super cute sweater this summer, it definitely needs a full length under it (you can see why).  Paired with a pair of "skinnies" or even your favorite boyfriend jeans, this is a great outfit. (Just a little side note, Noelle and I fought about this top, she hates it and I love it. She think it looks like a stretched out doily). Let me now what you think... super cool sweater or stretched out doily? I was laughing so hard when her true feeling came out towards this outfit. Good thing I have a really good self esteem. 

Now for the last outfit in my closet that I have been waiting to wear without the feelings of guilt... it is a cream color sheer button down top, very classy, timeless shirt that I bought from Modbod. I wore this on Sunday with our white full length Halftee, a darling long navy skirt and killer brown lace up wedges (pictured below).

Each of these outfits are great excuses and legitimate reasons to wear the full length Halftee. On those rare occasions  when a full length cami is important for your outfit solution, you can now shop Halftee Layering Fashions, and wear our fabulous soft and comfy modal/cotton blend in a full length Halftee. The fabric and fit you love in a full length tee. Come see our HALFEES www.halftee.com.


Best layering shirts, tees, crop tops for women

Best layering shirts and t-shirt for women are at HALFTEE, or maybe you call it a crop top...  Just read the reviews! someone asked me which Halftee was my VERY favorite, with no hesitation I would say, "lace long sleeve HALFTEE!"  I love that I can take an ordinary flannel or basic t-shirt and put the lace on under it and Voila, and it's XXXL, XXL to XS, plus size in every style! I am fancified! I think that many women out there are a little intimidated by the lace (just not sure how to incorporate the lace into their wardrobe), this blog is going to help all of you  feel confident  buying a lace long sleeve Halftee and then wearing it ALL the time!! Over the past couple weeks I have sported my lace with several different looks and textures. Each of the pics below shows the versatility a lace Halftee can bring to your closet, taking the most simple shirts and adding just enough pizazz for a night on the town, day at the office, Sunday worship, or for any of those times you need/want a little splash of femininity. 

Best layering shirts, tees, crop tops for women

This shirt is an American Eagle hand me down. I love this color but it is a little more casual than I like to wear  for a day at the office. The color is fabulous and although the cream lace long sleeve would have been perfect under it as well, we are heading into the winter months and black is a fall/winter favorite. So I opted for the warmer tones and put a black long sleeve lace Halftee under it. I love when the lace pops out of the top of the shirt as well, adding a fresh classy look to this very basic top. 

This is a summery flowing floral top. I love this top in the summer but also love it sooooo much, I want to wear it year round. All it needs is a little arm coverage. The flowers do not match at all, but it doesn't matter-- floral with floral works and it has added the sleeves that I am needing on these cooler fall days. Not pictured is the navy cardigan I wore over the ensemble. Knowing that you would't be able to see the lace Halftee as well I took it off. The cardigan was a 3/4 bat-wing sleeved navy stripe. The lace sleeve showed under the cardigan sleeves and then peeked out of the top of the blouse. The look was the combination of mix and match prints, mix and match textures and in my opinion, the perfect layering combination. 

This is my absolute favorite look for the lace. Who doesn't love flannel? Who would have thought to put lace under a flannel shirt? Well Noelle did... last year... and when  I saw that look, it was love at first sight! I have loved it ever since. The flannel is a Forever 21 find, and has been worn many times since I first bought it. I have worn a long sleeve Halftee and a  tank Halftee under it, but my favorite look is the lace. Again a great way to take a very fashion forward trend and give it a feminine face lift.

Several of my friends after seeing the pictures, commented that they now needed a lace long sleeve. I  of course said, "Yes you DO!!" Get a little crazy with the lace long sleeve Halftee, it will give you some very unique combinations in your closet and you will love that they are still "HALF the shirt with ALL the style!" Come see our HALFEES www.halftee.com.

Boyfriend HALFTEE Layering Top

Ode to the Boyfriend HALFTEE....
One of our favorite family jokes is..."Do you have tickets?" 
"To what?" 
"The gun show" 
and then whom ever is telling the little joke, kisses their bi-ceps. 
If I had a dollar for every time a woman told me she, "hates her arms," I would be a rich little lady. The Boyfriend sleeve HALFTEE was the 3rd sleeve length to join the Halftee family. It was designed with the woman in mind, who regularly says , "I hate my arms." or feels like, "the basic cap sleeves cut my arms off at the worst part." This may be true... The Basic Halftee is a bit of a better fit for those women who have skinny little arms, or arms that stay solidly and firmly in place even while in action. I love the Boyfriend sleeve for almost all of my tank or sleeveless shirts and dresses. I believe the Boyfriend sleeve Halftee brings a more finished and polished look to any outfit, and definitely lengthens and slims our pesky upper arms. The Boyfriend sleeve Halftee is the favored sleeve length for women ages 40-60---We all know that the older we get, the harder and harder it becomes to keep our upper arms from flabbing around.  I love seeing a wonderful woman  be introduced to the Boyfriend Halftee. Without fail she will want to own every color and two or three white and black Boyfriend Halftees. She simply does not want to be without it!!!
Why did we name it the "boyfriend" sleeve?
 Well honestly, isn't that what you call that sleeve, the boyfriend sleeve? Like your boyfriends T-shirt type idea? I get that question a lot, so maybe it wasn't as clearly understood as I thought, a longer sleeve like on a men's undershirt is called a boyfriend sleeve. Or so I thought...:) At least that is what it is NOW named! And like a good boyfriend...you always want to keep it close at hand!
Noelle hasn't always been huge fan of the boyfriend sleeve, mostly because she is one of those women with skinny little arms, which happen to stay in place.  This past summer she had a change of opinion, "I decided I LOVED the t-shirty look under sleeveless shirts and I love the way they make my arms look extra skinny." She posted a pic of her on Facebook with a boyfriend on and I almost passed out. I love that she has finally decided to embrace the great look a boyfriend sleeved halftee has to offer.
Now back to the joke that I started this ode off with. If you have a few insecurities about YOUR "guns" then get a few Boyfriend Halftees. They will give that confidence you may be lacking to pull off some of those super fresh and cute fall styles and possibly the confidence to invite some of your peeps, "to the gun show" hahaha! Come see our HALFEES www.halftee.com.

10 Best Shapewear ideas for fashionable women

Let us show you 10 best shapewear products and ideas to layer your clothing. If someone asked which Halftee do I wear the very most? It would, hands down, be the TANK!!! I love the tank-- not only for  v-neck shirts and button down tops, but I love the tank as the "go to piece". You know those times when you don't NEED anything for 90% of the day, but when the 10%  happens i.e.. bending over or bra is hanging out, you really want to have the peace of mind that "all" is covered.  I have a personal experience with this....
10 Best Shapewear ideas for fashionable women @halftee
Beautiful day, I had one of my favorite shirts on ---light, flowing, rounded neck line, it doesn't necessarily, need, a Halftee but I always wear my tank under it, well almost always. I had just worked out,( yes it was the middle of the day, but I got my workout in nonetheless.) I was in a hurry to pick up the kiddos from school so slipped on my clothes without the usual tank Halftee. So let me  draw a picture---- I only had my favorite flowing shirt and bra on under it. My kids weren't quite ready yet and I was parked on the side patiently waiting for them to walk out. I noticed this little boy, hmmm probably 5th or 6th grade trying diligently to get his chain back on his bike. In my effort to be a good Samaritan I jumped out of my car to rescue this little guy from his bike malfunctions. "Hey can I help you get that chain back on?" I  asked and he of course said, "yes!" I was busily getting the chain back on (leaning over) and at the very tail end, when you turn the pedals to have the chain slip into all the right places, I looked down. I was mortified!!! I serially could see the grass through the bottom of my shirt. WOW. I can just remember thinking, this poor kid! Hopefully this poor little guy isn't scarred for life. Obviously I am! HAHA! Anyway my point... everyone needs a couple tanks, they are the perfect Halftee that provides the perfect coverage when you need it and in those times you don't "think" you need it. Put it on and I promise you will be glad you did!! Come see our HALFEES www.halftee.com.
Be confident! Be beautiful! Be YOU!

Halloween Layering Shirts and Tops for Women

Can I be honest? Halloween is not my favorite holiday; in fact; it could possibly be at the bottom of my list. The costumes give me major anxiety, and I don't put a lot of effort into them, so it isn't self inflicted. Then there is the candy issue--too much--EVERYWHERE! This issue has been somewhat resolved in my home though, I let the kiddos eat all the candy they want for three days. I don't care if they eat it for every meal but after three days it is ALL mine!! The deal? A  trip to Walmart to purchase a new movie! t has worked out great, as long as I can weather the storms of those three days very loooooooong days!
This week I did have my first good experience of the year with Halloween. We were getting ready to do a little Halloween photo shoot at HALFTEE, to show all of you wonderful women how to use a Halftee with your Halloween costumes. I have used them for my costumes but  especially for my little girls. It is so hard to find a costume that does not need something under it, whether it is for school dress codes  or for chilly weather. Is it just me, or does it seem that the most popular costumes seem to be made for hot summer days and not many are made for cool fall nights or appropriate school attire. I had already bought a cute ladybug costume for the little girl photo shoot , but when I opened the package there were no antennas. You cannot be a lady bug without cute antennas, right? Our office is right across from Kid to Kid (a children's used clothing store), I decided to quickly run across the street to seek out some antennas. To my surprise they had a TON of super cute costumes. A lot of them in great shape and for a very affordable price. I ended up buying a whole new lady bug costume for $7.99 because it was twice as cute as the one I was holding in my hands and this one came with some antennas. For the first time in my time as a mother, I seriously considered taking my kids there to pick out their costumes. I could do 8 bucks for a costume and they had enough little kid costumes and big kid costumes alike. I was very impressed! 
The  ladybug costume is a  little red and black polka dotted tank, tulle tutu (say that five times fast) dress  that is quite darling and made very nicely, but it does need something to make it appropriate for school and to keep the little girl warm with the coolness of the fall Halloween night----you guessed it! A Girlee Halftee! Any of the styles of the Girlee Halftee would work perfectly, just consider your climate factor. So remember the Halftee when you are putting together all those Halloween costumes. They are a perfect solution for girls of all ages (even the grown up ones!!). Come see our options www.halftee.com.
Be Confident! Be Beautiful! Be YOU!

Basic HALFTEE Layering Top For Women

Ode to the Basic Halftee.
The basic halftee was the first ever Halftee I had designed.. The Basic Halftee Layering Tee is the "catch all". It is the go to piece that almost every Halftee owner has in her closet. We sell almost 3 times as many white basic halftees than any other halftee in our store. 
It can work for almost any issue you may have and for most of our religious women out there, it covers the areas that in most religions are considered "must cover zones"--- the shoulders and the cleavage. I still have not figured out why shoulders are sooo inappropriate, but I am not in charge and I am vigilantly obedient. So cover the cleave and shoulder is what I do. Basic Halftee sales hit an all time spike in the month of July. HOT! HOT! HOT! Maxi dresses are out and about in abundance and nothing pairs with a Maxi dress better than a basic halftee. Let's be honest nothing is worse than having a long Maxi dress and if you are like me, short, (so they literally are dragging on the ground) and finding ourselves in a corner or nearest bathroom, trying to fetch our full length undershirt that has crept it's way up. So inconvenient and annoying, to have a bulky, bunchy, HOT undershirt to babysit and keep in its place. A basic halftee or any sleeve length eliminates that problem effortlessly. 
Basic Essential:
The basic then transitions nicely into fall and winter to be worn under those v-neck sweaters, button down polo shirts and as a basic undershirt for those shirts you need coverage in the chest but still want to wear a cardigan over, to pull the whole outfit together.This would be my favorite time to sport my basic halftee. I love wearing my basic halftee under a tank dress shirt and then adding a cardigan, or something like that, to finish the perfect 3 step layering process. In my opinion, more than 3 layers looks a bit excessive,  the 3 different levels of fabric and mixes of texture and patterns, makes the outfit look finished and complete, in all those fall and winter styles. In fact I will have to be honest, I love my Halftees in the summer for comfort reasons, but in the winter I REALLY love them because they make it exciting to layer. I know that I can put a full outfit together, and by replacing that base layer with a Halftee, I eliminate so much of the extra discomfort and heat, which in return makes the layering process so much more inviting! Come see our options www.halftee.com.
So moral of this post, Everyone NEEDS a basic Halftee in their stash. 

HALFTEE voted #9 fastest growing companies in Utah County in Business Q magazine

Last night I had the privilege (I thought I was being tortured) to attend the beautiful Utah Valley Top 50 companies banquet. Noelle passed on this assignment since she and her family moved to Florida for the summer. SIGH! Much to my dismay I showed up by myself, to be amoungt many fellow Utah Valley business strangers. After about 15 mins and the opportunity to speak with several wonderful successful people, I had a marvelous time. I had the privilege to have a great conversation with co-owner Tyler Bennet and Taylor (floor manager) of Amara Day Spa and discuss some of his/their adventures in the great world of Utah County

The team at the Business Q are so incredibly professional. The entire night from start to finish ran very smoothly and was first class. I felt like a million dollars as I walked in, to find my table with a yummy salad waiting for me. Culinary Crafts were the caterers and are the top Caterers in Utah County. The food was delicious. It started with a delicious fresh lemonade, coupled with that yummy salad. Then onto the main course which was salmon and chicken. I HATE Salmon! I really hate fish, but my first bite of the salmon blew my mind. So delicious! So happy! It ended with a sweet little double stacked cookie with chocolate gnosh and raspberry on top. Needless to say I may have licked each plate clean, had I been in the privacy of my own abode. But given the company I tried to have impeccable manners. HAHA!
Halftee was honored at the banquet as the 9th fastest growing company in Utah Valley. Isn't that amazing. Koodos to Noelle for filling out all the paperwork that went along with this award. Many times I thought , "what is the point," but after last night I realized how important it is to be aware of fellow companies in Utah Valley making a difference and to also help them see, that Halftee is making a difference, too. We are so privileged to do business in this amazing Utah Valley community. We have incredibly talented people, who are willing to work for a dream, for a better life, for better service, and who are always willing to give back, and pay it forward. Go Utah Valley, Go Halftee. We have the most amazing team, we all come together to make this Halftee dream become a reality and to change each customers life, one closet at a time!! Come see our options www.halftee.com.

HALFTEE Layering Fashions

 HALFTEE is the ultimate layering essential for all women's wardrobes.  Half Tee has become an essential piece for women all over the world, and is now allowing women to wear clothing that they never could in the past, essentially....expanding their wardrobes!  So exciting to help others bring Beauty and Confidence to more women around the world, what a joy! Life is amazing when YOU can feel modest in all the areas we need and eliminating the extra fabric in all the areas we don't need them. Welcome to the world of Halftee Layering Fashions, Confidence, Beautiful YOU!! Come see our options www.halftee.com.

What to wear under your scrubs for layering

What do you wear to layer under your scrubs?  My first ever show for Halftee Layering fashions was in St. George. So many women came up to my booth and said, "these would be perfect under my scrubs!!" The scrub wearing field needs Halftees. As a parting gift to my sweet nurses in the hospital, after having babies, I always gift them Halftees. They all rant and rave about how great the Halftee is under their scrubs. Nurses all wear scrubs. As we all know they work very hard and are constantly bending down, helping patients in and out of beds, wheelchairs, on their feet constantly keeping their patients happy. The scrubs are v-necked shirts so when they are tending to their patients nurses have to have something under their scrubs because often times while bending down or over the v-neck can be a bit revealing. But who in the world wants to wear two shirts when they are on the move as much as a sweet nurse. All of the medical industry, any women who wears scrubs, are constantly on the go, two layers is the last thing they want, just so they can have a little cover-up for the v-neckline. Halftees also provide that cute layered pop of colo, not only in the neck line but on the arm. This cute style helps out any drab pair of scrubs.

Halftees are the perfect solutions for our scrub wearers. Here is a quote from one of our fellow Halftee/Scrub wearers..
"It is always too hot or too cold on the floor and Halftees are perfect either way.  I always carry in my bag either a tank because i am wearing a 3/4 or a 3/4 because I am wearing the tank."
If you or a friend or co-worker, spend time sporting the "scrub" without a Halftee, get one TODAY! You will love them!! Come see our options www.halftee.com.

Canadian women's layering shirts and tees

Women in Canada are one of Halftee Layering fashions best customers. Canada layering tops, tees and camis are very scarce. In Canada a midriff or half shirt is a must due to the climate.  Canadian women understand that the new best way to layer is with Halftee Layering Fashions. Clear back three and a half years ago Halftee was featured on CJane Run. A wonderful blog written by a darling young women. From that blog post another fabulous women, and boutique owner, from Alberta Canada read that post and discovered the new opportunities of Halftee for her customers. Arlene Cook is the proud owner of Modest Is Hottest and ever sense that first order of Halftees for her store she continues to try to keep enough Halftees in her store. Arlene is constantly calling in an excited panic, "I need MORE Halftees!!" I love those words. We have had a similar experience with another vendor in Canada..... Come see our options www.halftee.com.

Canada needs good layering options

In Febuary Halftee had its debut on The Shopping Channel, the home shopping network in Canada. It was amazing. Noelle did her "thing" and sold out in 3/30 minute shows. Several months later we had a similar experience and today as I type we are in a huge rush to keep up with the demand of The Shopping Channel's amazing customers. They GET it!! No more bulk, no more extra fabric when layering for Canadian women. The Shopping Channel customers are loving all of our wonderful styles. 3/4 leading the way but the basics and tanks are a close second. I am not too familiar with what sort of options Canada has when it comes to specific companies that specialize in layering t-shirts, but I seriously doubt that they have ever seen anything quite as unique and comfortable in their layering world as to what halftee can bring to their closet. It never ceases to amaze me the places Halftee Layering Fashions is going. When you start something you always dream. In fact on my goal sheet in 2010, the birth year of Halftess, I wrote that I wanted to sell 500,000 halftees to women. Now I didn't step back and really think about the cost of doing that kind of business, but as we grow and expand that goal is not nearly as "crazy" as I once thought it to be. Our goal (Halftee Layering Fashions) is to be a world wide recognized brand and to not only provide American women with Halftee but every women world wide. Am I Crazy?? I don't think so. Canada here we come, our next adventure London baby and then Australia! SO many women so little time!

Half tops and Crop tops for cheerleaders

Obviously in my opinion Halftee Layering fashions, with our amazing half-top/crop top halftee. Half top and Crop tops are a big industry especially in the cheerleading and dance world. Halftee has the perfect Half top and crop top for all of our dancers, cheerleaders, yoga pilates, and all other athletic sports out there. I was in Baskin Robbins once and a little cheerleader was standing there in her cheer uniform. She had a mock neck long sleeved turtle neck under it. I was super interested in how she kept her under shirt tucked in. She said it was a half top or a crop top. I asked her if it would be weird if I looked at the brand to see what company was selling a crop top or half top for cheerleaders. I couldn't find any info, but let her know that Halftee carried something very similar and it was made out of a much more comfortable fabric. She looked at me like I was a little bit crazy, but then smiled politely and said, "thanks." Ah the things you do when you own a company. 

Half tops and Crop tops for cheerleaders @halftee

So I have done a little research and one of the companions that sells a cheerleading half top is Cheerleading Company. The Cheerleading Company has a few different styles of half tops or crop tops. Their half top is made out of nylon and has a zipper in the back, which are not my favorite two ideas when you are jumping around and sweating. Again we need to introduce the cheer world to the world of Halftee right!! Team Cheer is another site offering mid-riff/ half tops and crop tops to the cheer world. But again nasty fabric is the worst. Pass on the good news to all your cheerleader friends and cheer coaches. Halftee has the perfect half top or crop top for their cheer uniforms, they will LOVE them! Come see our options www.halftee.com.

Half tops and Crop tops for cheerleaders

Midriff Layering Shirts For Summer

Alright so the classic midriff style layering shirt is here. When hasn't a midriff shirt not been in style? In the Western culture we have been somewhat resistant but in one way or another midriffs continue to creep into fashion.  Until now the midriff tops have not been used for modesty. In the the 1930's and 1940's, swimwear, began to incorporate increasing degrees of midriff exposure. Then in the 40s and 50s similar designs of midriff-baring suits and tops, although the style was more conducive to swimwear, informal events and still considered indecent to be worn in public. 

Midriff Layering Shirts For Summer

With the late 60's and 70's and the sexual revolution halters, tube tops and crop tops, or midriff -tops hit the seen with much force. During the 1980's, Madonna, appeared in the classic midriff in her performances and music videos, making this fashion spread widely. With the rise of navel display in Western societies, navel piercing, and navel tattoos these too helped keep the midriffs tops popular. Which brings us today. 

Once again midriffs have began to make appreances much in the same way as they looked in the 80's. The good news is that Halftee has taken a whole new approach to the midriff. I can't tell you how many women look at our marketing and say, "oh I can't wear that." or "Oh I would never wear that." SO hilarious! I quickly try to explain that we are not selling a belly shirt but a modesty layering shirt. The comments mostly come from the 50-60 year olds that went through the 80's and the big Madonna rage. The great part is, if these women stick around long enough for me to let them know the REAL purpose of a Halftee, those women buy every color and every style. Because they have finally found the midriff top that they will LOVE forever!!  Come see our options www.halftee.com.

Katrina Lawrence

Here at Halftee (especially me personally) we have experienced a very tragic loss. Katrina Lawrence, one of my dearest friends in the world was taken in complications with child birth to a loving Heavenly Father. Team Katrina as everyone has been tweeting, face booking, texting and speaking about is still here, consisting of a loving father/husband, 5 sons and 1 daughter. Never before have I been so intimately involved in the passing of a loved one. I got a phone call from our best friend around 11 am, and was told to get to the Hospital quickly, Katrina was not doing well. I headed down and over the next five hours consoled her children, husband, parents, and loved ones, as we waited patiently for the outcome of the long drawn out surgery. 22-24 specialists/doctors were in the O.R. to assist in Trina's operation, and after 6 long hours and 25 pints of blood, she returned home. What does this have to do with me here at Halftee. I will never be the same, never look at life the same, her lose has forever etched in my heart how important family and friends are in this crazy world we call life. What does Katrina have to do with my Halftee blog?? Katrina was there at the very beginnings of Halftee. She and I spent hours working on brands, flyers, and contemplating how to get market penetration. She is a fabulous business women, and an incredible designer. She loved me through my insecurities and boosted me up so that I could see my potential. I love this dear friend and from the beginning of this Halftee chapter, she has been one of my BIGGEST fans. Over the next couple weeks we at Halftee will be doing a fundraiser of sorts to help Team Katrina in some monetary way, continue on with their journey here in mortality. Sooner that we know each of them will be reunited with their incredible kind, funny, beautiful mother. Thanks Trina for giving me the wings to fly and confidence to bring Halftees to women throughout the world!!

Winter layering shirts and midriff for women

When I started Halftee I thought that Halftees were perfect for the summer months, which they are, but as I grow in Halftee wisdom, I have come to realize, they serve just as good a purpose as an awesome Winter layering top as well. In fact I LOVE them in the winter. I get so hot so easily. My mother-in-law is always asking me, "where is your coat?" Most of the time it is hanging  in my closet and I have had no intention of pulling it out. I am rarely cold enough to lug a winter coat around. 

Fashionably Layering I have learned from my dear friend/business partner, Noelle, comes in 3 layers, to achieve the perfect layered look. Winter layering shirts are a dime a dozen but a Halftee adds a whole new element to winter fashions. One of our favorite halftees in the winter time are our turtlenecks. They come in white, black, cream, and brown. I have never been a real fan of turtlenecks, they make me incredibly claustrophobic. I just could never do a sweater and then a turtlenck, or any shirt with a turtleneck, I seriously might overheat and die. But a halftee turtleneck and then another shirt, I can do, with no worries. I am able to have the sophisticated look that a turtleneck brings to an outfit without all the extra heat. 
Another look I like in the winter is wearing my long sleeve halftee. My favorite way to wear it is under my short sleeve t-shirts. Add my running shoes and I am set for a fabulous day. 
Many women love Halftees for summer and believe me I am one of those women, but if you really think about your closet and the winter months, they certainly play a wonderful part in getting ready for those cold snowy days. Check out our many winter layering top options, you will be so excited you did!! Come see our options www.halftee.com.
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