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Introducing.... Halftee VLOG!

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Fashion, Business, MOM!

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Valentines Day

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HALFTEE is going VOGUE!  A couple months ago we hired a business consultant to come into Halftee and help us, "find ourselves." In this process, he asked us to write down our vision of what Halftee looks like in 5 years. I try to read this everyday to help me remember what I want Half-tee to become. I want to share it with you all....It is a big dream, but I believe in dreams especially when they include making others super happy! I wrote it as if it were a magazine article about "the success" of Halftee and my vision includes which magazine....VOGUE. :)

Starting out in the basement of a stay at home mom of 5 children, Halftee Layering Fashions is now what women refer to as their go to staple piece in their closet. Halftee for the last ten years has been making its way into women's closets helping them wear the clothes they want to wear when they want to wear to them.

So many women walk into a store and see the many racks of clothes, which they "can't" or "won't" wear. That top is too low, this style is sleeveless, I am too old to wear that, too fat to wear that, I hate my arms so on and so on.....NO! NO! NO! to so many things. Say "NO" no more. Halftees has brought "YES" back into the women's shopping experience. Halftee has brought the solution every woman needs and wants and is doing it with practicality, class, and fashion forward style. Say "no" to the extra bulky layers and heat and say "Yes" to simplicity and comfort.

Halftee offers a large variety of styles, sleeve lengths, and colors. With variety and quality as their main objectives, Halftee is revolutionizing the way women layer, shop and ultimately the confidence of a woman in her clothes. When a woman feels comfortably confident in her appearance, it changes that women for the better! Thank you Halftee Layering Fashions for bringing confidence, comfort and versatility back into the world of fashion. Thank you for providing the solution to women's everyday struggle, "I don't have anything to wear," or " I hate my clothes."

What Hanes is to underwear, Halftee is to layering solutions. Unprecedented in quality and variety. Practical in every way. Thank you Halftee for bringing "yes" back into a women's shopping experience and confidence into getting dressed each morning.


Stores and Boutiques That Carry HALFTEES

So all of you lovely ladies that need to have more ideas on how the heck to wear a Halftee, Noelle and I are going to start shooting little videos of how "we" would wear a halftee, but we want to also support other businesses that are currently carrying Halftees. So we are going to shoot our little videos in local stores and boutiques that carry Halftee. We want to show you how to walk into a store and shop with a halftee in mind. We are going to use the Halftees they currently carry in their store and then pick different outfits to go with those styles of halftees. Given that Noelle and I have totally different styles I believe you all will get a ton of ideas on "how to wear a Halftee."

Our first stop was last week at "The Emporium" at Thanksgiving Point. DeDe is the store manager and has been carrying Halftees for a couple years. A shout out to her and the Emporium.....it was at this beautiful boutique that introduced our top customer online from 2014 to her first Halftee, and she fell in love.

Noelle and I showed up unannounced because Noelle didn't feel it was necessary to reach out to DeDe before showing up with a video camera and a "lighting ring" (which Noelle promised was this little tiny thing and once it got on the tripod it looked like we were a bunch of amateur morans trying to look professional, kind of a little funny), and her red stilettos. So we asked the cute little gal if we could shoot a video for Hafltee, and of course she asks "have you talked to DeDe?" Enough said on that, right. We finally got permission, and we were off to the races. Make sure to tune into our Hafltee YouTube channel, to watch as Noelle, and I shop our way and our styles. It is pretty funny, and I think that you will enjoy it.

Sleeveless Turtleneck Half Tees Rocks the House!

I love coming to work at HALFTEE!! I really do. I love that it helps motivate me out of my sweaty work out clothes and gets me into of course a Half Tee and then a "cute" outfit. Have any of you tried out the new sleeveless turtleneck HALFTEES???  Holy buckets it is my new favorite. It has become what the Basic is to me in the summer, during the winter months. I love to layer in the winter, quite a bit more than I like to layer in the summer. Only because summer is so hot and if I can I try to stick to t-shirts and shorts. But in the winter I want the layers without the bulk. My favorite top choice in the winter is a cute sweater, but when I wear a sweater the thought of even a long sleeve turtleneck Halftee is too much. The Sleeveless Turtleneck gives me "that look" without all the heat. Then I can wear a cute sweater, sleeveless turtle, and a cardigan to finish it off. So cute, so put together, so simple. Another favorite sleeveless turtleneck Halftee look would be a flannel shirt and the sleeveless turtle. Then with a pair of boyfriend jeans, cute little belt, nice tuck of the flannel into the jeans and again I am dressed ready for the office, without again the bulk and extra heat.

On a side note, I drove to work today in my convertible with the top down!! So awesome February 5th and I am driving with the wind blowing through my hair. I need a scarf like the olden days, like olden days. The beautiful ladies with their scarves over their heads to keep their locks in place. Anyone know where I could find one of those dandies?? I think I would wear it.

Alright that had nothing to do with what I am trying to accomplish and that is to sell you on the awesomeness of the sleeveless turtlenecks. Try them out, they are the new and improved dickies. And yet again they will change the way you get dressed in the morning. You will want one in every color because they are that universal and great!                    

Be Confident! Be Beautiful! Be YOU!!

Alright here it is top down and me sporting a cream turtleneck with my cute little sweater. I am telling you these things ROCK!


Halftees Fit Plus Size, Maternity, Nursing, Religious, and Seniors?

The question is, do HALF TEES fit Plus Size, Maternity, Modest Religions?  I have been reading a book called, "The Answer." In the book, it talks about finding your ideal customer. What does she look like? Why does she like Halftees? What would she change if she could change anything about our product? What makes her happy with our product? In thinking about all of these questions, I started wondering about all the different types of women we cater to. When I first started the company I thought that our biggest customer would be the "me's" out there. Ages from 30-40, but now five years into this great adventure I am coming to realize that although this age group loves us, there are other's that may love us more. Who are you? I believe I am talking about the Plus sized woman, I believe it is the pregnant/nursing woman, I believe that it is the Golden Years (55+) woman, Religious Woman (with certain modesty standards of dress) just to give a shout out to a few. Am I right? I am on a mission to find out who loves Halftees THE MOST and then I want to make sure that every woman that falls within that "group" knows about us here at Halftee. I truly believe that self-confidence IS the best outfit and Halftees absolutely helps with that self-confidence. They can take an outfit and transform it by leaning out the arms and covering the neckline so that you are not constantly worried about "the sisters" hanging out. All of this without the added bulk and heat. Give me a shout out and tell me why you love Halftees. Give me a little feedback and let me know what "woman" you are. The more I understand about you, the better we can be for you. 

Me, the pregos/nursing woman. Sporting my favorite v-neck tee from Target and the Navy Halftee tank. My new VANS I got for Christmas. Had to finally break them out bc my hubby was starting to have a complex that I hadn't worn them yet:) 


Noelle's mama. She is wearing the peek a boo short sleeve and would represent the 55+. Are you this woman?


One of our super fun plus sized models....Wearing the 3/4 white Halftee.  Is this woman you?


This is Olivia with Fresh Modesty Blog, one of our number one fans and she loves Halftees for modesty purposes. She is wearing the navy basic Halftee. 

So Again where do you fit? Age can range in a couple of these groups. I would love to know. Thanks for reading!!


Halftees and the Nursing Mother!

I'm back!!! Did you know we created HALFTEES for nursing mothers? I have been on sabbatical from this blogging world, not that I am a blogger extraordinaire, but I would try to dabble once a week when possible. As some of you may know, we were blessed with a new little baby boy. Covington is his name, and he is a dolly. I know I have said this before, but I LOVE me some Halftee shirts when I am nursing. I wear them-- with a new found love-- when I am putting myself together each morning. Especially in these winter months when I want all the layers-- I start with my Halftee then add --blouse, sweater cardigan, and scarf. The whole nine yards. But let's talk about nursing in all those layers, my Halftee makes all those layers possible. The signature band makes the Halftee the perfect nursing layer. Another "love" <3 moment for my Halftees is when I am up in the middle of the night (pardon my frankness) nursing and needing something to keep my nursing pads "in place" but I don't want a dang bra on anymore, my Halftee is cozy, and comfortable and gets the job done.

There are so many "news" when you have a sweet little one in your home again. Baby Cov is number 8 in the Barker family, and there is always an amazing change that takes place when you bring a new little spirit home. Chaos is one of those changes, of course because once again you are trying to adjust to caring for another human being. I will never understand how people say, "once you have a few kids, what's one more?" I think holy buckets, "one more"?-- We aren't talking about a new shirt or a new pair of jeans; we are talking about a new little person that has a completely different schedule and completely new demands. But I admit, the chaos is a wonderful opportunity to grow, to watch siblings instantly fall in love, and selflessness to appear around chaotic corners. Here's to the chaos, here's to the new little one, and here's to Halftee that makes it all just a little more comfortable.
Be confident, Be comfortable, Be You!!!

Here I am in the office multi-tasking, basic navy Halftee! Notice the different items on the desk....Can anyone spot the Pacifier? Oh, the life of a mother.
Here I am in the office multi tasking,  basic navy Halftee! Notice the different items on the desk....Can anyone spot the Pacifier. Oh the life of a mother.

2015 Modest Clothing For Women, Make Your Modesty Resolution

Ah---- to the world of New Year's Resolutions for Modesty! I love this time of year(minus that it is cold). December 31-we say goodbye to the past and now, January 1- we are totally focused on what the future can bring when we set our minds to New Year's Resolutions and simply becoming better. I am a big fan of Vision Boards. I make one every year. I believe that there is power in visualizing what it is you really want to accomplish. I have 5 categories, ( because I have totally different board for Halftee):  Health, Spiritual, Family, Educational, and Personal. My favorite category is Health. I believe that one of our greatest assets is feeling comfortable in our own skin. Now that does not mean that we are all stick thin and only eat lettuce, but it does mean taking the opportunity to exercise regularly and trying to establish healthy eating habits. With this last pregnancy, the weight is sticking around a bit longer that usual. Yes, I am older and yes, this is my eighth baby, but no excuses-- it is time to lose the extra and get back into my"pre-baby" self and a strong confident healthy me.  (not "pre-baby baby" self,having babies will forever have left it's mark on my body, but I LOVE that change because it reminds me of each amazing journey being pregnant was) 

My current fitness regime is one that I purchased over 5 years ago. I tried it after baby #5, but just couldn't find the motivation to be as diligent as it wanted me to be. I am ready now. It is called "Live the Life," and it requires a bit of planning and quite a bit of discipline. It is a full fitness plan, from the meals, exact time you eat those meals, exact portions and food combinations, exact workouts, and everything in between. I am in the third week and have dropped 7 pounds. I am still up quite a bit with the new little one, but on this plan I am not sleepy or tired at all, and my mood swings that typically come with hormonal changes are almost gone. I feel GREAT! And I can feel my body thanking me for taking this on. 

 Not so much to Halftee this post, although I am sure I could find some way to spin this post into why you should wear a Halftee, (it IS what I DO:)), but here's to YOUR New Year's Resolutions. Here's to feeling more confident because you have chosen to become better in 2015. You can do IT!! Stay focused on the what you want and what that looks like. If you are willing, then it is possible!

 Be Confident! Be Beautiful! Be YOU!

" One of my snacks on "Live the Life" apple and string cheese. Combining complex carbs (apple) with a protein (string cheese) is one of the ways to burn more calories and drop the weight. 

Plus Size Modesty Shirts available at HALFTEE

Fashion and clothing go hand-in-hand. Both complete each other, you may say in other words. Though fashion is meant for both men and women yet women dominate over men when it comes to variety rich dresses. We, at Halftee, believe that fashion is something that keeps women young and, of course, help them look more graceful.
With an approaching punch line “layering fashions” we offer a wide range of ...
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